United from around the globe – World Day for Cultural Diversity

World Day for cultural diversity is celebrated on the 21st of May to highlight the importance of tolerance and cooperation between different cultures.

As our slogan goes, ‘We are the Real thing’, and we take pride in our diverse and inclusive culture, with over 43 different nationalities from all over the world.

For Videoslots, cultural diversity is about creating a sense of community amongst employees through various activities beyond the working environment and hours. A diverse workforce brings in new ideas and acts as a pathway to unlock creativity and further unite people to develop and share their experiences and skills.

Videoslots is located in Malta, a sunny island in the heart of the Mediterranean. A multi-cultural island bustling with rich history, sunny climate and friendly people. We regularly welcome people from all over the world who joins us on our success journey.

Our Videoslots Relocation Package

Our relocation package allows prospective employees to have a smooth relocation to the island, no matter where in the world they are from. Our relocation package covers flights up to 300 euros. When you land at the airport, we arrange for a taxi to pick you up and transport you to the company’s residence, where you will stay for two weeks for free. We also help you sort out your work permit, where applicable.

Below are a few testimonials from our employees who have made the move to Malta:

Cem Ebgu, Cypriot, Junior Affiliate Manager:

I’m so grateful for the Videoslots relocation package. It relieved a lot of the stress of moving to a new country, and having the chance to stay at company-provided accommodation during my own apartment search was a huge help!

Linda Stupena, Latvian, Senior Project Manager: 

Today, I can proudly say that the decision to move to Malta was one of the best I’ve ever made. The challenges I faced transformed into invaluable life lessons, and the journey has been worth every hurdle along the way.

Anders Dyhr, Danish, Studio Manager:

The relocation package is a great act of generosity, and for me it took a lot of stress and hassle out of relocating and eased me well into my job.

Interested in forming a part of our multicultural and diverse workforce? #Shapeyourfuture with us today! https://videoslotscareers.com/