The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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It's Your Birthday

We celebrate birthdays at the end of each month with a yummy treat for everyone. You also get an extra day added to your leave balance

Stay on Top of your Game

We aim to improve the well-being of our team members, mind, body and soul, and to help you do this we give you 300 euros.


We hold a summer and winter party every year which are always exciting and entertaining. Team building activities for each team every quarter.

Employee Engagement

We offer beer Friday once a month along with party tickets for some of the best venues in Malta. You will also get a membership for MedAsia Playa.

Health Insurance

Each member of staff gets a private health insurance plan. You're in safe hands with us.Each member of staff gets a private health insurance plan.

Professional Development.

We offer professional development support for training or courses that will benefit your career and help you grow.hgjh

Volunteer Day

One day per year will be granted to small teams of people who decide to join our sponsored volunteer day to a worthwhile cause in Malta

Company Trip

For those who celebrate 3 years' service with the company, will be whisked away on a fabulous company trip aboard, all expenses paid.

New Parents

We've increased paternal leave to be more then the statutory amount. You can also use up to 5 days of your sick leave to care for a sick child.

Take Time Off

We give our team members 27 days of annual leave, plus public holidays and your birthday. We also offer newly-weds an additional 2 days marriage leave that's


We supply hot and cold breakfast every Wednesday and Friday between 8a.m and 10 a.m.