Building a Career in Payments and Risk at Videoslots

Curious about the world of payments, risk, fraud detection, and investigation? Say hello to our Payments and Risk team and discover everything you need to know about joining this successful crew. They ensure a seamless operation and provide top-notch customer service.

The success of Videoslots’ Payments and Risk department isn’t just about numbers – it’s a testament to the dedicated individuals driving its growth. Meet Sarah, Emma, and Paolo, shining examples of the rewarding career paths within the organization. Their stories showcase personal and professional growth, demonstrating the opportunities for advancement and development within the department.

Sarah Clarke: Payments, Risk & AML Trainer
“I joined Videoslots as a Due Diligence agent in April 2022, kickstarting my iGaming career. Promoted to Payment & Risk Analyst in January 2023, I thrived on challenging tasks. Now, in 2024, I’ve advanced to Payment, Risk & AML Trainer. Videoslots has fuelled my personal and professional growth, boosting my confidence. I enjoy tackling every task and look forward to continued progress. For those eyeing a career in payments and risk, a keen eye for detail and a love for puzzles are definite assets!”

Paolo Pizzichemi: Payments & Risk Team Leader –

“Having started as a payments and risk analyst, I am now a team leader. At Videoslots, everyone is approachable, creating a supportive environment. Seeking help from experienced colleagues aided my professional growth, and now, I provide the same support to fellow agents, ensuring they excel in their roles. Attention to detail, curiosity, and the ability to build strong cases with evidence are crucial for progression in Payments and Risk. I enjoy the investigative aspect of my role and improving my industry knowledge and skills every day.”

Emma Law: Payments & Risk Analyst

“I started at Videoslots in customer service almost two years ago. After a year, I moved to the Customer Due Diligence team, and now I’m a Payments & Risk Analyst. Working here has given me a good grasp of the gaming industry. I’ve explored different roles, gaining confidence and a wider set of skills. Videoslots is a great company where you can grow within your team or try something new. I love preventing fraud, enjoy the company culture, and have a fantastic team!”

Maintaining high standards ensures customers have a great experience, with quick document processing and withdrawals boosting satisfaction. The careful handling of AML tasks also protects the company’s integrity. The Payments and Risk department goes beyond facilitating transactions – it’s a guardian of customer trust and the company’s reputation. Joining this department at Videoslots means an exciting and rewarding journey with a commitment to excellence and opportunities for professional growth.

Ready to join a team that doesn’t just meet standards but sets them? Discover endless opportunities for growth, learn from those who’ve thrived here, and unleash your potential in Videoslots’ Payments and Risk department. Your career journey starts here, where every day is an adventure, and success is the ongoing story of your professional ascent.

Payment & Risk

From left to right: Sara Clarke, Paolo Pizzichemi and Emma Law.