Videoslots Is Going Greener!

Here at Videoslots, we are devoted to protecting our environment and reducing our carbon footprint by continually looking for new ways to conserve our planet and go green.

We have recently set up a new garbage sorting system in all kitchenettes and the penthouse canteen. Our goal is to minimize the use of black bags whilst also implementing recycling methods for paper and plastic as well as organic waste.

We have also established ‘The Green Hub,’ a slack channel where employees can part exchange or give away unwanted things to raise awareness and implement a second-hand, thrift community.

On our mission to join the GREEN side, we also try to eliminate our single-use plastics. With reusable coffee cups, a personal bamboo cutlery kit, and our daily free breakfasts and lunches packaged in biodegradable material!

How are you Joining the Green side?

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