International Youth Day at Videoslots

International Youth Day

There is a place for everyone at Videoslots. Our workforce rockstars range from 18 years to 65 and we are proud of all our employees. However, today we are celebrating International Youth Day. In any industry, resourcing and recognising talent (however old you are) is crucial for longevity.

Read a handful of testimonials from these inspiring, young individuals!

Annalisa Aprile – CS Team Leader

Hi, I’m Annalisa, an Italian lady who moved to Malta 5 years ago, looking to build a career.
I have been working at Videoslots for the past 14 months, starting my journey here as a Customer Service Agent. My time as an Agent has been fun and rewarding, with new challenges, meeting new people and helping players. After eight months in the company, I was promoted to CS Team Leader. My biggest achievement!
My agents and team mean everything to me. I work with them, I laugh with them. Together, we are reaching goals and targets that we work hard for.

We have built and continue to build a solid relationship as a team. I am where I am today, only thanks to all the people who believed in my potential and decided to invest in me,

Jussi Elo – Casino Team Leader

I’m 24 and I’m from Jyväskylä, Finland. I joined Videoslots in October 2019 as a Customer Service Agent. This was my first job in iGaming, and I quickly realized I wanted to build a career here. After a little bit over 1 year in CS, my knowledge of Casino and games had grown a lot, and my Team Leader gave me the idea of joining the Casino Team. I decided to take my chances and apply for the Casino Coordinator position. Videoslots saw my potential and knowledge, and I was able to score the position.

Having a great team and team leads helped me fit in straight away, and I quickly realized that this was the perfect place for me. Soon after, I knew that I wanted to be a Team Leader in the Casino Team. At the start of 2022, I got the position.

Videoslots has helped me grow a lot and I’m very grateful for the chances I’ve had here. It’s a bit surreal, but it shows hard work shows off!

Kimberley Camilleri – Employer Branding & Events Co-ordinator

I joined Videoslots a little over four months ago as an Employer Branding & Events Coordinator. Having completed my degree in 2021 and now into my second full-time job, I am grateful that Videoslots believed in me as an individual and continues to support me to achieve my career goals. Being my first time working in iGaming, I did not know what to expect! That being said, I was welcomed with open arms and have an incredible team of hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic colleagues I look forward to seeing every day.

Johannes Schramm – Senior Operations Analyst

I joined Videoslots as a customer service agent three years ago when I moved from Germany to Malta. After one year, I was involved in building a brand new workforce planning department, being promoted to my current senior role. I started studying at the University of Malta for a Bachelor of Commerce. With the continuous support of Videoslots, it all became doable. I have become an integral part of a fantastic team, working with great colleagues and friends. Videoslots has provided me with this chance to advance in both my studies and career.

Luke Pace Bonello – Information Security Analyst

My journey at Videoslots started just over a year ago, being the Company’s dedicated Information Security professional. Whilst still being a young newcomer to the industry, Videoslots gave me independence and room to develop in my field. This not only increased my confidence to make critical decisions, but also made me appreciate the different number of approaches that can be taken towards the execution of my role. At my age (24), being able to learn from the outcomes of your decisions in an encouraging environment is invaluable, and my colleagues at Videoslots enable me to do so continuously.

The sky is the limit for these guys…we are lucky to have you!

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