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Marketing Jobs: How is this Highly Competitive Role Evolving in iGaming

Marketing Jobs: How is this Highly Competitive Role Evolving in iGaming

Do you want to know why marketing jobs are highly demanded in the gaming industry? We are going to expose several kinds of marketing jobs that gaming recruitments love. There are a lot of specialties of marketing jobs that are very useful for this huge market so keep reading if you want to know all of them!

IGaming is a dynamic industry that is in a constant state of growth. For instance, according to a 2020 report from Statista the online gambling marketing is set to reach a value of over $92.9 billion in 2023, an impressive increase over the $58.9 billion reached in 2019.

In this case the analyst considers online casino games, poker and sports betting as all making part of the online gambling industry, and attributes such growth is the result of the increasing digitsation of the world, as well as higher trust of gamblers playing online. One also has to count the 2018 legalisation of sports betting in the United States. While the analyst did revise its forecasts somewhat following the COVID-19 pandemic, the point still stands – iGaming business is big business. Marketing continues to make a big part of that business, but it is important that those working in this field pay close attention to its shifting landscape, all while employing tactics to both improve products and responsiveness to customer needs.

Marketing jobs: Affiliates in 2021 and Beyond

Affiliates remain a big part of the iGaming industry. After all, affiliate marketing introduces audiences to brands, and operators wanting to adopt a strategic approach to acquire new audiences need to assess the value of affiliate marketing as a channel. An affiliate brings a more loyal and engaging audience, which in turn boosts return on investment (ROI) associated with marketing strategies. The past few years have seen affiliates wear multiple hats, as they need to be strategists and acquisition specialists as well as influencers creating a community of players one can segment by interest or vertical.

Working in a market with rules as stringent as the gaming industry brings about innovative practices. These include loyalty programmes, which help brands acquire long-term consumers. eSports have led the way in this aspect, as affiliates brought an influx of new players to popular games through social platforms such as Twitch. Speaking of community, targeted marketing campaigns remain as relevant as ever for affiliate marketers in verticals that are very community focused. Affiliates can, and should, also share blogs, reviews and videos linked to the brands they are promoting. Such a strategy is known as link building, and helps build further awareness.

Operators can further complement marketing efforts by engaging with audiences through relevant and personalised content. This can include newsletters, landing pages or exclusive incentive. An inclusive CRM platform that is user-friendly, supports automation and integrations and provides extensive analytics is a must, as this should improve the overall reception of consumer-facing content. Since the gaming industry is increasingly competitive, it is key to optimise any investments by identifying high ROI sources.

How Can Content Marketing Help?

iGaming operators, brands and affiliates have an opportunity in content marketing. This helps align business goals with “people goals” by creating, curating and repurposing content around the needs of the audience. In turn such a strategy might even bring about collaborative marketing, which helps share the brand with a broader audience. This can involve anything from pitching an expert roundup piece, finding a professional to contribute to a guest blog or quotes from industry experts, and the result should boost traffic and enhance one’s overall credibility. Content marketing needs to be approached based on custom insights and analytics, as it has to address the needs and concerns of the audience in question. One can also gather key data on popular topics by going through the back-end of their web, social and campaign analytics, and even gather insights as to when to hit publish.

Content marketing takes multiple forms beyond websites and blogs. It is important to keep up with trends in the latest trends and social platforms such as Twitch and TikTok. Influencers remain as important as ever, as they act as walking and talking testimonials that can help with ad promotions, YouTube videos and sponsored giveaways. Podcasts are also a steadily growing format, and ads within podcasts can help audiences discover new products and services, while video content is here to stay, be it in log form through Instagram IGTV, livestreams, VR and 360 videos to short form content through the likes of Snapchat stories and even gifs.

Digital Marketing and SEO

Among the newer elements brought about by the increased digitisation of our lives is SEO, something that is now vital for brand awareness and relevancy. Search engines regularly review their rules of advertising, as seen back in October 2019 when Google updated its gambling and games policies. This allowed operators to run adverts in certain countries, as well as some US states, and kicked off the beta testing of sports betting ads. Another SEO opportunity involves reaching the coveted “position zero” on the search engine results page (SERP). Position zero is the featured snippet displayed before select ads and top organic search results.

It summarises details pulled from a web page to best answer the search query. While search results are generated according to the location of the user, the listings provide a condensed view of the most useful content, with stakeholders designated as trustworthy experts in their field.  Position zero even caters for mobile and voice searches, and brands are advised to provide relevant answers to gaming-related questions using conversational tones and long tail keywords.

Pay-Per-Click? Yes Please!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) remains an effective strategy in marketing, even in iGaming. PPC allows one to target their efforts based on specific search phrases, allowing for the creation of highly tailored campaigns. This means one can choose the exact iGaming-related keywords to show in their ads, ensuring the brand is displayed to the player who is looking for it. This differs from other forms of marketing that employ group demographics. PPC is also measurable and trackable, since Google Ads gives detailed insight into the impressions, clicks and conversions of each campaign’s traffic. It is also compatible with the Income Access tracking solution to bring further details into key metrics. In addition, PPC makes a great complement to other digital marketing channels, including SEO, mobile and email marketing. Thus, it is safe to describe PPC as a “must use” tool for any operator, one that greatly contributes to increasing their online reach and making them more visible to potential players.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing?

That’s right, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its way to make part of marketing jobs within the gaming industry. This goes hand in hand with technological advancements within the industry that streamline data collection. In turn these facilitate the analysis of this data to provide insights into how customers interact with brands. As for how such technology can be applied in iGaming, accumulated consumer and website data can be fed into machine learning algorithms to help build new support tools, such as means to create better in-game content and personalised ads. One recent example comes from esports. In November 2019 Wndr Gaming acquired esports AI integration company This company provides data and insights to the wider betting community, and the acquisition allowed the extension of specialised data services to stakeholders, complementing current processes.

AI also finds its use in chatbots. Chatbots provide 24/7 human-like customer service for basic user queries. They already find use in the industry, since Paddy Power first introduced chatbot-based customer services as early as in 2017. The chatbot allows users to log into their accounts, place wagers, check balances and receive custom updates.

The Importance of Zero-Risk Marketing

Marketing compliance is one of the top priorities at Videoslots Casino. This is especially important in a number of regulated markets. These include the UK, where restrictions and penalties on advertising violations are very strict, and other countries within Europe might sooner or later follow the British example. A constantly changing regulatory landscape brings the need for legal services, something we regularly employ at Videoslots. After all, breaking regulations might not only be illegal, but also backfire right back on our reputation, and like other iGaming operators Videoslots is vocal about its efforts in responsible gaming, pushing the message that gaming is entertaining so long as it remains within limits.


As you have seen, the marketing industry is one that continues to evolve, and one has to be working in the field in order to fully appreciate how it will change over this year and the next. This also means there will always be jobs in iGaming marketing here in Malta, the island considered the capital of the industry, and you can check what is available here at Videoslots Casino right on this Careers website. Happy marketing and hope to see you at Videoslots soon.

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