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Meet Minna

From Customer Service Agent to Team Leader

1. Later this year will mark three years working with Videoslots, what attracted you to join back then and what’s your career path been so far?

I came to Malta to originally visit my sister and a Finnish friend from back home who was working at Videoslots. She told me that Videoslots was hiring customer service (CS) agents so I applied and got the job.

In Finland I was working for a construction company and I was shoveling snow! Before that I worked in a pharmacy and a few cafes. Videoslots was my first experience working in customer service. I joined the Finnish team and became one of the 15 agents. Working at Videoslots was and still is a very different culture to working in Finland.

After working as an agent for a year and a half, a new vacancy for a CS Trainer in the department became available. I was always a bit shy and not wanting to be in the spotlight, but I decided to apply, and I was successful in getting the new role.  After a year of working in training, I wanted to move away from working directly with customers and wanted to work more with the agents so I applied for a Team Leader role and I got it. It’s still very new and I feel lost sometimes, but I love it as I’m learning a lot, and I really like my team.

2. Describe three of your highlights working here?

All my promotions have been a highlight, I feel appreciated and valued. When you’re promoted it’s a sign that you’re doing a great job. I’m so happy I applied for the Trainer role and overcame my fears. When I saw that other agents were learning from me, I realized I was doing a good job. Another highlight for me is all the friends I have made here at Videoslots and I also really appreciate the company trip we went on. I’ll always remember that.

3. What do you love about your job and working at Videoslots?

Seeing others learn from me makes me happy. We have a great team here, the culture is very different from working in Finland. I feel very safe and secure to speak up and say how I feel and I am taken seriously. I’ve also been able to progress in my job and develop myself further. Videoslots is a safe place for me and I can talk about anything personal or work related to anyone in the team including our CS Director.

“Seeing others learn from me makes me happy”

4. What gets you up in the morning to come to work?

I have so many friends working here and the atmosphere is great, everyone is so friendly. On those odd days when I’m tired and I don’t feel like getting out of bed, walking into the office, grabbing a well needed coffee and seeing everyone – its impossible to remain in your tired, grumpy bubble anymore!

5. What have you learnt so far working at Videoslots?

I have learnt so much working at Videoslots. I got over my fear of being shy and speaking in front of people, I’ve become more confident and I believe in myself more. I’ve also improved my English language skills a lot. I had studied it in school, but using it at work makes you more fluent.

PS:If you’re interested in joining our CS team then try your luck and check out our vacancies!